The Budding Millionaire

Live your dreams, start your business, come out of that messy financial state and gain mastery over your future.

How to break free from financial stagnancy, Enduring facts about personal and family finance


The Budding Millionaire will show you the basic simple steps you can take to start your business. The things put together to make this book are life changing. When applied, they will cause a massive shift in your finances as they have helped me from sleeping on school desks to living in my own property today.

Dear friend, I wasn't born into a rich family. My parents weren't one of the best people around; even in my local community. My growing up wasn't so pleasant that I used to wish I was born into some other well to do families.  

I hawked all manner of things to assist my mother’s business. We were raised in a rented apartment where we lived for about twenty five years until we were eventually handed a quit notice.

Everything That Could Go Bad Became Worse...

Things were so bad we had to move to our own property that was uncompleted at the time with no windows, ceiling or plastering.  We had only managed to roof just about half of the building. At some times we get cassava from the farm to make cassava flour in order to sell and raise money.

Although, we weren't begging to feed, the best of things around were not at our reach.   I squatted throughout college days because I could not afford to pay for a space of my own. I had to visit friends to feed at the times I was cash trapped. I attended lectures severally with hunger. It wasn't pleasant experience at all.  

At another time I lived in a classroom for virtually twelve months. I used to put the school desks together to sleep,  in the midst of  mosquitoes.  I did not own a bed of my own until I was twenty five when I eventually rented a place my mother called a shop because the door was directly facing the road. Whenever it rained, it got me worried because the entire room would become a pool. This was a struggle until I was able to fix the roof. There were times I  had to search everywhere for  #50 but no way!

Working in a fast food restaurant is another experience I won't fail to mention. I had to run 24 hours shift for two reasons; Feeding and Accommodation. It was sure I would get left overs to eat after the day’s sales. I also knew I was going to have a place to lay my head when I run night shifts.  

I needed to tell these stories to establish the fact that some of the things I shared in this book did not come from Goggle but my personal experience especially with regards to finance. I have moved from searching for #50 for food to attracting millions of naira for my business. I have progressed from being broke to blessings others with the little I have got. 

The Turning Point

One of the decisions I had to make was to quit paid employment and start my own business  even though it was very risky at that time. This has come to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. My book 'The Budding Millionaire' will show you the basic simple steps you can take to start your business.   The things put together to make this book are life changing. If  they are genuinely followed, they will cause a massive shift in your finances.   These are things I have practiced that have helped me from sleeping on school desks to living in my own property today.

Introducing ...

The Budding Millionaire

  • #1 - You will learn how to break free from financial stagnancy from what brought you to where you are right now.
  • #2 - Acquire enduring facts about personal and family finance.
  • #3 - Gain basic principles behind making and multiplying money

What Other Budding Millionaires Are Saying

"Albert Einstein is credited with saying we cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking with which the problems were created. To move beyond the problems we must change our thinking. This is the quickest and surest way to get out of any challenge and become better. In this book Segun Awolowo has outlined certain principles that will help you do better in the area of finances. Read them and make them a part of you, if you want to speed up your process of financial success."

- Jimi Tewe
CEO, Inspiro Consulting

"Segun Awolowo is best known for his classic, calm but practical entrepreneurial style and THE BUDDING MILLIONAIRE is a true representation of a common-human approach for any entrepreneur who is keen on financial growth. This book is shorter, written in plain English (there's no investing or heavy financial jargon), and easy to understand. But that doesn't mean it's simplistic. It covers diversification, asset allocation and risk tolerance. This is an excellent book, filled with advice based on sound financial behavioral principles. Certainly, an excellent guide for beginners, especially African entrepreneurs."

- Onye Ubanatu
CEO/Creative Director/Producer

"I must commend the composition of this book- The Budding Millionaire, It reminded me of how I made my first million as an undergraduate at age 24. I highly recommend this book, The Budding Millionaire for any individual who desires to break limits and attain financial breakthrough in life. Kudos to the author, Mr. Segun Awolowo for this great piece of work."

- Samson Olatunde
CEO Business Impact Limited, Passion Business Consultant
MD/CEO Business Impact Limited

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A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

It takes more than making money to build your financial future. My book 'The Building Millionaire' will show you one of those things you can do to make money but it must not end there.

You would require more than a set of skill you use to make money than you will need to sustain it. You can render service, sell a product, and work as an employee or anything legal to generate income but what comes next?

It is not enough to make money; you need to build capacity to hold it down. Remember money has wings, it flies.


Olusegun Awolowo

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